Conferences, Roundtables, Special sessions and Summer Schools organized by the CA18214

Conferences, Roundtables, Special sessions and Summer Schools organized by the COST members


In 2022, the COST Action CA18214 has (co) organized 3 special sessions and 1 roundtable in 4 international conferences. The focus of the Action has been on direct and indirect effects on NeWSps, emerging policies on NeWSps (with a major focus on peripheral and rural areas), including the impacts of COVID-19 on working practices (e.g., increase of remote working and  virtual coworking, as well as hybrid forms of work), built environment, policies and co-workers’ wellbeing, as well as issues on work life balance. See below for the details:

4) AESOP Annual Congress Space for Species: Redefining Spatial Justice, Tartu July 25-29, 2022. Roundtable on ‘New Working Spaces: resilience and implications for spatial policies and planning’  organized by Mina Di Marino (NO), Stefano Di Vita (IT), Divya Leduq (FR), Priscilla Ananian (CA) and Carolina Pacchi (IT). The discussants will be Diane Gabrielle Tremblay - TéLUQ – (CA); Christophe Demazière, University of Tours, (FR); Bruno Moriset, University of Lyon (FR); Ianira Vassallo Politecnico di Torino (IT); Jessica Ferm Bartlett (UK), and Kimmo Lapintie Aalto University (FI). AESOP Annual Congress 2022 - Tartu, Estonia; 25-29 July 2022 - AESOP (

3) III Transdisciplinary Workplace Research TWR, 7-10 September, Milan 2022 -SPECIAL SESSION ‘The geography of New Working Spaces and Impact on the Periphery’ organized by the COST members Thérèse Bajada (MT), Divya Leducq (FR), Elisabete Tomaz (PT), Mina Di Marino (IT), Christophe Demazière FR) and Bernadine Satariano (MT).  This special session intends to have contributions from various disciplines that can extend the debate on NeWSp and their effects, both direct and indirect. III TWR Conference - Transdisciplinary Workplace Research - REC - Real Estate Center (

2) RSA 2022 - Regions in Recovery. Special session ‘Collaborative workspaces and rural developmnet’ co-organized by the ITN CORAL and CA18214. Organizers: Vasilis Avdikos, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, (GR), Suntje Schmidt, Leibniz Institute Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS), Germany; Ilaria Mariotti, DAStu-Politecnico di Milano, (IT); Thilo Lang, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IfL), (GE); Ignasi Capdevila, Paris School of Business, (FR) 2022 Regions in Recovery Special Sessions - RSA Main (

1) AISRE, XLIII CONFERENZA SCIENTIFICA ANNUALE, 2022, Città e Regioni in transizione, 5-7 September, Milan 2022. Special session organized by CA18214 session:  SO.10-The rise of remote working and the new geography of work organised by I.Mariotti (IT), D.Constantin (RO), P.Bednar (CZ)         XLIII Annual Scientific Conference, 2022 – A.I.S.Re – Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali Deadine abtract Februray 27, 2022.



In 2021, the COST Action CA18214 organized and chaired 7 special sessions (or roundtables) in 5 international conferences. The focus of the Action has been on definition, development, glossary, taxonomy, location determinants and mapping of NeWSp cross the European countries, as well as the impacts of COVID-19 on working practices (e.g., increase of remote working and  virtual coworking, as well as hybrid forms of work), built environment, policies and co-workers’ wellbeing, including gender issues and work life balance. See below for the details:

8)  The 4th SUMMER SCHOOL ON  WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT 2021 which is co-organized with COST Action CA18214, Junu 28 - July 16, 2021 file:///C:/Users/midi/Downloads/flyer_sswm-2021%20(1).pdf

7) RSAI 13th World Congress of the RSAI -Smart Regions - Opportunities for Sustainable Development in the Digital Era, May 25-18, 2021. Open Special Session Mapping Co-working Spaces: Spatial Patterns and Location FactorsOrganized by T. Baycan (TR),  G. Micek (PO) A. Sinitsyna, (ES)

6) Regions in Recovery E-Festival, Regional Studies Association, 2-18 June 2021. Open Special Session Functions and Impacts of collaborative workspaces in rural and peripheral regions and towns, co-organized by CORAL ITN and CA18214 Organized by  V. Advikos (EL), I. Mariotti (IT), I. Capdevila (FR), P. Bednar (CZ), S. Schmidt, T. Lang (DE) Link to the special session

5) Regions in Recovery E-Festival, Regional Studies Association, 2-18 June 2021. Closed Special Session European Cost Action Project "The Geography of New Working Spaces and the Impact on the Periphery": findingschallenges and future perspectives (closed sessionorganized by CA18214 Organized by Mina Akhavan (IT), Mina Di Marino (NO), Grzegorz Micek (PO)

4) Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual Conference, August 31 –September 3rd, 2021 Open Special Session Coworking spaces: a tool to reduce commuting and enhance well-being during the  COVID-19 pandemic Organized by T. Bajada (MT), B. Satariano (MT), I. Mariotti (IT)

3) ERSA, Territorial Futures, Visions and scenario for a resilient Europe, Bolzano, 24-28 August 2021. Open Special Session New working spaces, resilience, and peripheral areas during the Covid-19 pandemic Organized by I. Mariotti, (IT), M. Di Marino (NO), Pavel Bednar (CZ) T. Baycan (TR) A. Frenkel (IL Link to the special Session S27. New working spaces, resilience, and peripheral areas during the Covid-19 pandemic.…/438667919fc1472ebc3d70c80f…

2) AISRE Local Sustainable Development and Relaunch: What Role for Tradition and Innovation? 8-10 September 2021. Open Special Session  Reshaping Gender in Third Places for Work: Challenges and opportunities of Women-Focused Coworking in the Post-Pandemic Era. Organized by M. Akhavan (IT), A. Fuzi (BG), C. Pacchi (IT)

1) AISRE Local Sustainable Development and Relaunch: What Role for Tradition and Innovation?, 8-10 September 2021 Open Special Session The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the geography of work and new working spaces  Organized by I. Mariotti (IT), M. Di Marino (NO), C. Tagliaro (IT), I. Manzini Ceinar (UK)



4) December 14-16, 2020, 5th RGCS Symposium coorganized by the RGCS and CA18214. "Collaborative practices, workspaces and communities in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis". International conferences with 200 participants.

3) December 14, 2020, 5th RGCS Symposium "Collaborative practices, workspaces and communities in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis". Roundtable moderated by Ilaria Mariotti «Collaborative spaces: new models and new geography, with COST Action CA18214 ‘The geography of New Working Spaces and impact on the periphery’» with Mina Di Marino (Norvegian University of Life Science, NO), Pavel Bednar (Tomas Bata University in Zlín, CZ) , Tiiu Paas (University of Tartu, EE), Ignasi Capdevila (Paris School of Business, FR), Bastian Lange (University of Leipzig, DE) 45 particpants

2) Summer School, July 6-24, 2020, e-learning and live webinars organized by the Cost Action CA18214. COST member amongst organizers, students reviewers and/or speakers: Ilaria Mariotti (IT), Mina Akhavan (IT), Chiara Tagliaro (IT), Carolina Pacchi (IT), Pavel Bednar (CZ), Mina Di Marino (NO), Petr Dubrosky (CZ) and Anita Fuzi (HU).55 students entrolled

1) August 25, 2020, 60th ERSA Congress "Territorial Futures – Visions and scenarios to cope with megatrends in a changing Europe". Special Session SO-40-New working spaces, local development and innovation organized by Ilaria Mariotti (IT), Pavel Bednar (CZ), Tuzin Baycan (TR), Amnon Frenkel (IL). COST members who presented conference papers in the session are: Ilaria Mariotti (IT), Pavel Bednar (CZ), Mina Akhavan (IT), Mina Di Marino (NO), Seyed Hossein Chavoshi (NO), Federica Rossi (IT), Irene Manzini Ceinar (UK), Lukas Danko (CZ) and Dante Di Matteo (IT) 15 contributions to the special session


Moreover, in the spring and summer 2020, COST Members supposed to participate to several conferences, special sessions and roundtables in order to present the first outcomes of the COSTAction researh, such as:

1. RSA Annual Conference, Lubjana 2020!  Special session organized by the COST members Pavel Bednář (Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic), Grzegorz Micek (Jagiellonian University, Poland), Mina Akhavan, Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and Ilaria Mariotti (Politecnico di Milano, Italy). SS38: New Working Spaces as a Driver of Regional and Urban Transition to Digital and Creative Economy

2. ERSA Congress Bolzano 2020  

3. AESOP Annual Congress, Bristol 2020 Roundtable proposal on 'New Working Spaces in the age of digital transformation and implications for planning by Mina DI Marino, Stefano Di Vita (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Sofia Morgado, Divya Leducq and Valeria Fedeli.

However, due to the coronavirus, these conferences and other congresses around the world have been cancelled. 

This preparation of papers, special sessions and roundtables, however, has intiated several collaborations under the COVID-19 amongst the COSTmembers  and comparitive studies and exchange of data on new working spaces.

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