National and European workshops

National and European workshops

  • Workshops at national level will involve stakeholders in a collaborative learning process about location patterns, direct and indirect effects, and policy and planning measures related to new workplaces.
  • Workshops at the European level will involve stakeholders to dicuss the research methodologies, and the policy and planning tools and mechanisms that the Actions is going to promote, as well as the conditions for their transferability to other European contexts.

1) COST members from Albania organized the National Workshop on May 27, 2021. You can find more info in the flyer below.  

2) COST members from Norway organized the National Workshop on November 2, 2021.

3) Several COST members are planning the National Workshop in 2022

4) An European Workshop is under preparation by the COST Member. It will be held in May 2022. Stay tuned!


Published 20. November 2019 - 16:26 - Updated 14. March 2022 - 21:50