COST Meetings


The 7th COST MEETING was hold in a hybrid way on May 18 and 19. The Core group members were in Utrecht with Dutch colleagues who welcomed them, while the other COST members attended it online. There were 18 countries participating to the event. The agenda was structured as follows:

18 May, 2022
10.00-12.30 CET-MC meeting
13.30-16.30 CET-European Workshop
16.30-17.30 CET-Core Group
19 May, 2022
9.00-11.00 CET-WG2
11.00-12.30 CET-WG3
13.30-15.00 CET-WG4
15.00-16.00 CET-WG1

The first European Workshop was organized by the CA18214 in between the MC and WG meetings. EU discussants (policy makers, stakeholders and researchers) and COST members participated to the workshop. We had a very successful first European Workshop with 52 participants. Inspiring inputs will help our COST Action CA18214 to move further with new collaborations and research.

  The 6th COST MEETING was hold on line via Zoom on February 14 and 15, among 35 MC and WG members participated in the meeting representing 21 countries. The items of the agenda were:


DAY 1. 14th Februrary 9-16.00

9.00-9.10 Welcome speech
9.10-9.20 Summarizing achievements of our Action
9.20-9.40 Work and Budget Plan/Activities of the grant period 2021-2022
9.40-10.00 Open discussion
10.00-10.30 Discussion about the Survey addressed to coworking managers
10.30-10.50 Report about the Communication
10.50-11.00 virtual coffee break
11.00 – 12.00 Presentation by WG1,2,3,4 Leaders
12.00-12.30 open discussion

14.00 -16.00 WG1 and WG2 meetings


15 February, 2022 10-14.30
10,00-12,00 WG3 meeting
12,30-14,30 WG4 meeting

  The 5th COST MEETING was hold on line via Zoom on September 27 and 28, 2021. 48 among MC members and Substitutes participated in the meeting representing 22 countries. The items of the agenda were:   Core Group Meeting Schedule 28th September 2021 DAY 1. September 27th (9.30-12.00) 9.30-9.50 I. Mariotti and P. Bednář - "Introduction to the two days meetings" and "What we have done so far: strengths and weakness" 9.50-10.20 Open discussion for all of us: WG leaders, Communication manager, ITC grant leader, STSM leader, Horizontal manager leader, Chair and Vice chair 10.20-10.30 virtual coffee break 10.30-11.00 I. Mariotti and P. Bednář "What we need to do: deliverables, activities, involving other members, presentation and open discussion 11.00-11.20 I. Mariotti and P. Bednář "II Grant Period budget 2020-2021"What we have spent and changes of the budget in the current Grant Period to be voted by the Core Group and by the MC members in the afternoon. 11.20-12.00 I. Mariotti and P. Bednář "III Grant Period budget 2021-2022" planning activities and related budget to be allocated 12.00-13.00 virtual lunch time   MC Meeting Schedule 27- 28 September 2021 DAY 1. September 27th (13.00-16.00)   13.00-13.05 I. Mariotti and P. Bednář Welcome speech and guest introduction 13.05-13.20 Ralph Stübner (Science Officer at COST) – "New rules of Cost Action", and future challenges for the CA18214 13.20-13.30 I. Mariotti and P. Bednář "Summarizing achievements of our Action – What we have done; Reflection of strengths and weaknesses of our Action" 13.30-13.35 Report about the ITC grants by Lukáš Danko (ITC Grant leader) 13.35-14.10 Report about STSMs by Eva Belvončíková (STSM leader); presentation of the STSMs results their linkages to the CA18214 deliverables by the granted participants (Maria Chiara Barzotto, Lukáš Danko, Carles Méndez-Ortega, Oliver Rafaj, Anastasia Sinitsyna – supplemented by Mina di Marino, and Thomas Vogl) 14.10-14-20 Report about the Communication by Mina di Marino (Communication manager) 14.20-14.30 virtual coffee break 14.30-15.00 Presentation by WG1,2,3,4 Leaders (Grzegorz Micek, Mina Akhavan, Carolina Pacchi, and Chiara Tagliaro) 15.00-15,30 Future activities for the III Grant Period (2021-2022): MC meetings, WG meetings, STSMs, ITC Grants, Training schools, Dissemination (presentation at conferences, special sessions, podcasts, joint publications …), Communication, Virtual networking 15,30-16,00 III Grant Period budget   DAY 2. September 28th (9.30-16.00) WG1 9.30-9.40 WG1 Leader presentation (Grzegorz Micek) and change of leadership 9.40-10.10 Summarizing achievements of the WG1 – What has been done 10.10 -10.40 Progress in deliverables D.1.3 and D.1.4 and the next steps 10.40-11.00 Open discussion and summarising its results 11.00-11.10 virtual coffee break WG2 11.10-11.15 WG2 Leader presentation (Mina Akhavan) 11.15-11.45 Summarizing achievements of the WG2 – What has been done 11.50 -12.30 Progress in deliverables D.2.1 and D.2.2 and the next steps 12.30-13.00 Open discussion and summarising its results 13.00-14.00 virtual lunch break  WG3 14.00-14.10 WG3 Leader presentation (Carolina Pacchi) 14.10-14.30 Summarizing achievements of the WG3 – What has been done; progress in deliverables D.3.1 and the next steps 14.30-14.50 Open discussion and summarising its results 14.50-15.00 virtual coffee break  WG4 15.00-15.10 WG4 Leader presentation (Chiara Tagliaro) 15.10-15.40 Summarizing achievements of the WG4 – What has been done, progress in deliverables D.4.1, D.4.2., D.4.3, D.4.4, D.4.5 and the next steps 15.40-16.00 Open discussion and summarising its results


 The 4th COST MEETING  was hold on-line via Zoom, February  10, 2020. 42 amongst MC members and Substitutes participated in the meeting. The items of the agenda were.

9.00 Welcome by Pavel Bednář
9.05-9.20 Ralph Stübner – Cost Officer
9.20-9.30 Budget 2020-2021 (update) by Ilaria Mariotti
9.30-9.45 STSM- Update about current STSM by Eva Belvončíková
New Call for STSMs in 2021: 1 + 4 new STSM to be VOTED
9.45-9.55 ITC grants: 3 (1,500 euro each) by Jacek Gądecki
9.55-10.15 Communication and dissemination by Mina Di Marino
10.15-10.35 WG1-Coordination by Grzegorz Micek, VOTE for the Leading group
10.35-10.55 WG2-Coordination by Mina Akhavan, VOTE for the Leading group
10.55-11.05 Break
11.05-11.20 WG3 -Coordination by Mariachiara Barzotto, VOTE for the Leading group
11.05-11.20 WG4 – Presentation and VOTE for the Leading group
11.20-11.35 Horizontal activities by Petr Dubovský
11.35-11.55 Summer school 2021 by Chiara Tagliaro and Ilaria Mariotti
11.55-12.10 Pod-cast, Bastian Lange and Petr Dubovský, VOTE
12.10-12.25 ITN PhD positions – Marketplace by Ilaria Mariotti
12.25-13.00 Time for discussion


The 3rd COST MEETING was hold on-line via Zoom, September 23, 2020. 35 amongst MC members and Substitutes participated in the meeting. The items of the agenda were:

Presentation by the Action Chair, Ilaria Mariotti on the following topics

  • Presentation of the results achieved in the I grant period (till end of April 2020):
  • Presentation of the approved budget for the II Grant period (May 2020-aprile2021).
  • Update of the WG groups and new deliverables to develop till end of April 2021.
  • Activities related to WG4 – communication and dissemination
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the CA18214

Presentation by Mina Di Marino, Communication Manager

•Internal communication via SLACK
•External communication via FB, Twitter and webpage
•External communication and dissemination -acknowledgments and COST graphics
•Collaborations with other Research groups and network
•Routledge proposal
•News on local media
•Monitoring dissemination and communication activities
•Help for COST communication

The 2nd COST MEETING was hold in Milan, from 12 to 14 February, 2020. The research partners were involved in the 3 days activities at the Politecnico di Milano and around the City of Milan. The 4 working groups discussed about the outcomes of the first four months of the research. Then, the Management Committee Members attended the 2nd COST Meeting and made important decisions on the future of the Action.







The 1st COST Meeting was hold in Brussels on October 1, 2019. This date marked the start of the Action. During the day we had the opportunity to learn about COST and to discuss with the other MC members. The MC members were asked to actively engage and contribute to the 1st COST Meeting in Brussels.

  1. What do you want to achieve in this COST Action and what can we use to achieve it? In this part of the meeting, the MC members were asked to have in mind the  objectives of the COST and the activities of networking that the COST Action aims to prmote (e.g. Short Term Scientific Missions and Training Schools).
  2. How you are going to manage the COST Action? In this part of the meeting, the MC members were introduced to the Tasks (e.g. working groups 1, 2, 3 and 4) and Decisions and several topics of the Action management.
  3. Who will take care of what? In this part of the meeting, the MC members elected the leadership positions.
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