Training school

Training School

Representatives of stakeholders will be involved in the Training school in order to help the network researchers to develop methodologies for collaborative learning processes, and comparative assessment of practices and related policy and plans.


Summer school 2021

The 4th SUMMER SCHOOL ON WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT 2021 will start on June 28th online and end on July 16th . The summer school is co-organized with COST Action CA18214 'The Geography of New Working Spaces and Impact on the Periphery' with REC and Dastu (Politecnico di Milano). The summer school is open to students, researchers and practiotioners.



Summer school 2020

From July 6 to 24, 2020, the first Summer school (e-learning and live webinars) was organized by the Cost Action CA18214.

By referring to the ‘COSTACTION 18214’, in which lecturers and organizers are involved, and by presenting preliminary outcomes of the COST Action CA18214, the participants of the summer school got a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge on the new working spaces such as coworking spaces and new trends in the local and international contexts. The nature of work has been evolving recently, along with the way working spaces are used. This dynamic has major implications for working space design, management and location that need to respond to new challenges. This course assisted students, practitioners and researchers to engage with these ongoing evolutions.

50 Participants (e.g. master students, Phd students, post doc and early careers) were selected amongst 75 candidates. Thanks to the organizers, scientific committes, tutors and lecturers!

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