Recordings of the two special sessions at the RSA 2021

As reported by the organizers of the RSA 2021, 'We have been very pleased with how the festival worked out, the level of engagement and the positive feedback we have received. Over the 2.5 weeks we had +1,250 participants from 71 countries joining the festival. We have put together an overview with key Festival statistics at' (by Lesa Reynolds)

 The two sessions (co) organized by the CA2814 have been very successfull!

  • OPEN SPECIAL SESSION Functions and Impacts of collaborative workspaces in rural and peripheral regions and towns, co-organized by CORAL ITN and CA18214 ORGANIZERS V. Advikos (EL), I. Mariotti (IT), I. Capdevila (FR), P. Bednar (CZ), S. Schmidt, T. Lang (DE). Only the recording of the session 'The Hybrid Character of Collaborative Workspaces' Chaired by S. Schmidt is available at:

    3 papers have been presented in the parallel session chaired by I.Mariotti (IT) 'The Changing Geography of Collaborative Workshops during the Pandemic and beyond' and the session was attended by 25 people.


  • CLOSED SPECIAL SESSION European Cost Action Project "The Geography of New Working Spaces and the Impact on the Periphery": findings, challenges and future perspectives, organized by CA18214 ORGANIZERS Mina Akhavan (IT), Mina Di Marino (NO), Grzegorz Micek (PL) . The recording is available at:

    4 papers have been presented in the closed session chaired by M. Akhavan (IT) and the session was attended by 27 people

All #RinR21 recordings will be available until 31st August. Other Festival sessions' recordings can be found via the programme at

Published 30. June 2021 - 14:01 - Updated 30. June 2021 - 14:50