CA18214 has organized a Parallel Session at the online ERSA 2020

Several activities of the COST Action CA18214 are now on-going after the summer and some well deserved rest! The COST members, Ilaria Mariotti, Pavel Bednar, Tuzin Baycan, Amnon Frenkel have organized a parallel session at ERSA conference 2020 'PS42-New working spaces, digital transformations and peripheral areas'. Most of the organizers have co-authored the papers of the session with other COST members (Mina Akhavan, Mina Di Marino, Seyed Hossein Chavoshi, Lukas Danko, Federica Maria Rossi, Irene Manzini-Ceinar and Dante Di Matteo). Have a nice time at ERSA 2020!

Here the details of the presenters and paper abstracts:

Published 24. August 2020 - 15:22 - Updated 20. April 2021 - 17:00