Rural coworking spaces: How are networks and communities changing through the effects of the pandemic?

June 24th from 2.30 to 4 p.m. CET. The seminar will be moderated by Viktoria Heinzel M.A. (CREAM/ Stuttgart Media University) and Dr. Bastian Lange PD (University of Leipzig / Founder of Multiplicities-Berlin), MCmember of the COSTAction 18214. The invited speakers are Axel Watzke - Studio vor Ort and Tina Eberhardt - Netzwerk Kreativwirtschaft Freudenstadt They will discuss on how rural coworking spaces cope with effects of the pandemic and what impact it will have on the future of coworking. The webinar is organized by the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces and COST Action CA18214. You can watch the video-recording at


Topic and questions

Since March 2020, the means to cope with pandemic and the attempts to keep physical distance has forced many communities run coworking spaces to shut down. This is especially relevant for rural and peripheral coworking spaces that where aiming at creating new flexible workspaces on a collaborative basis for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Many of these peripheral spaces acted as interface between knowledge and creative workers on the one hand and regional small and medium enterprises on the other. In doing so, they gained momentum in the last years to initiate new mobility patterns, value chains and served as stimulus for new ideas and tools.

In a webinar, we will try to reach out to 2 inspiring protagonists that have built up theses spaces or networks in the last years. We are interested to hear their view on the last weeks and months as well as the current status of their communities. How do they keep the communities alive, what did they learn in these times and what do they think about how this changed situation will have impact on the practices and services of coworking spaces in the near post-pandemic future?



The webinar presents Axel Watzke from Studio vor Ort. He is building up a multifunctional village at Prädikow in the state of Brandenburg (Germany) since 5 years. We will also hear from Tina Eberhardt, the Initiator of the "Netzwerk Kreativwirtschaft Freudenstadt" in the vicinity of the Black Forest (Germany), which already exists since five years. This network is driving a project of common collaborative workspace since 2019. They city has taken the Initiative to help grow this project and spares no effort developing the right model according to the specific regional mentality.


The webinar will be moderated and curated by V. Heinzel und B. Lange, organized by the RGCS and the COST-Action.  

Published 11. June 2020 - 15:18 - Updated 20. April 2021 - 17:04