WP 2: Resource and product analyses

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How can we make sustainable use of the resource base for nature-based tourism?

WP 2: Resource and product analyses

There are several challenges related to the resource base for nature-based tourism. The objective of this WP is to better understand the prerequisites and dynamics of the resource base and to identify sustainable ways to develop resources and valuable resource combinations.

We will focus the analysis on challenges and opportunities in three resource types pertinent to tourism in the bio-economy:

(i) bio resources—natural (i.e. wildlife) and processed resources (local food etc.),

(ii) cultural resources (landscapes, installations, knowledge), and

(iii) tourism infrastructure.

Two subtasks

WP 2 is organised in two subtasks;

  • 2a will conceptually and statistically model the dynamics of essential ecological resources in a tourism perspective
  • 2b will apply a landscape resource analysis (LRA) as a way to implement enhanced and more sustainable resource use and development of NBT on the local and regional level.


Coordinator: Knut Bjørn Stokke, E-mail: knut.bjorn.stokke@nmbu.no

Published 20. February 2017 - 10:40 - Updated 27. February 2017 - 12:11