WP1: Nature-based tourism in the Norwegian bio-economy

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    Jan Heggem

How can nature-based tourism be linked to the Norwegian bio-economy?

WP1: Nature-based tourism in the Norwegian bio-economy

This WP will elaborate tourism’s contribution to the Norwegian bio-economy, understood as sustainable transformation of renewable biological resources into industrial products. 

In this respect, tourism is a double-edged industry, and the research will critically assess its dynamics in the wider environmental, social and economic policies.

The industry’s contributions to various social public goods, local economies and sustainable local communities is similarly relevant in this broader understanding of the bio-economy.

WP 1 approaches tourism in the Norwegian bio-economy in four different ways;

(i) analysis of NTB supply structure,
(ii) analysis of social change and trends,
(iii) analysis of the NBT servicescape and
(iv) community resilience.


Coordinator: Jan Vidar Haukeland, E-mail jan.vidar.haukeland@nmbu.no

Published 20. February 2017 - 10:39 - Updated 27. February 2017 - 11:29