The BIOTOUR project is positioned at the international research frontier and is the result of a collaboration among leading research units and external stakeholders (the private, public and NGO sectors) jointly identifying relevant research topics in this field of study.

Integrated perspective

The overall hypothesis is that an integrated perspective of the Norwegian nature-based tourism sector (including resource, market and management analyses) will provide a basis for new products and more sustainable development.

Hence, starting with analyses of tourism in the contemporary Norwegian bio-economy, BIOTOUR will in close cooperation with the Norwegian nature-based tourism sector deliver innovative tourism solutions with respect to products, ICT and knowledge based entrepreneurship within the four case study themes: adventure, wildlife, path and events.

Themes and case studies

Scientifically, BIOTOUR provides new knowledge with respect to

(i) Nature-based tourism in the Norwegian bio-economy (sector analyses, social change, trends, servicescape, community resilience);

(ii) Resource and product analyses (modelling of risk-of-resource depletion, landscape resource analysis);

(iii) Market analyses (integrated products, segments);

(iv) Tourism actors and management (motivations, profitability, growth potentials, management and interaction); and

(v) Innovative tourism solutions (packaged products, new technology, knowledge driven entrepreneurship).

The project focuses on four case study themes of significance to the Norwegian NBT sector:adventure, wildlife, trails and events

Some of the research is focused at three case study areas:

  • Varanger
  • Trysil 
  • Hardanger


BIOTOUR is managed by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in co-operation with; the Centre for Rural Research, the Institute of Transport Economics, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

There are four international partners:

  • European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) at Mid-Sweden University,
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland,
  • University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland and
  • Oregon State University, USA.

Output from the project, including doctor dissertations, peer-reviewed publications and conferences, will contribute to strengthen the Norwegian nature-based tourism sector.

BIOTOUR is implemented in cooperation with NHO Reiseliv, Hanen, Norwegian Farmers Union, the Norwegian Trekking Association, and Innovation Norway.

Published 15. February 2017 - 13:59 - Updated 21. February 2017 - 13:39