A warm welcome to our new international students!

After two years of the pandemic, we are particularly delighted to welcome so many students from all over the world to NMBU.

Proudly international

"International students contribute with different perspectives in our classes, thereby raising the quality of education and broadening the perspective. At NMBU, we are proud of our international cooperation where we work together towards achieving the sustainability goals," says Elise Norberg, Pro-Rector for Education at NMBU.

Norberg is looking forward to welcoming international students to our introduction week starting Monday 8 August. During this week, over 250 new international graduate and exchange students will receive practical information on how to navigate their first weeks at NMBU. 

"We know the international students have high expectations of Norway and of NMBU. It is challenging to study in another country with a new culture, language and food. We hope that everyone will settle in well at NMBU, and that most of the students offered a study place are able to travel here and take up their offers," says Iben Andersen, a section manager in NMBU's Department of Academic Affairs.

Delighted to welcome more students this year

Andersen says it is particularly gratifying to be able to accept more students this year, after fewer international students were able to come to NMBU during the pandemic due to travel restrictions.

This autumn, the largest groups of international students come from Germany, France and the Netherlands, but Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan are also well represented.

Travelling from far afield

Among those with a particularly long journey to their new place of study are students from Sri Lanka, USA, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Tanzania, Australia, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, China and Mozambique.

NMBU has offered study places to a total of 160 international students at bachelor's and master's level on NMBU's English-language study programmes.

In addition, just under 200 exchange students from NMBU's partner institutions in the EU have been admitted.

International students compete in line with Norwegian students for places on our English-language study programmes. This year's admission was characterized by high quality and strong competition.

Published 5. August 2022 - 9:13 - Updated 5. August 2022 - 11:36