Sustainability and Justice: Linking social and environmental limits

Thursday 9 December, 12:30-16:00
Vitenparken, Ås and online* 

Free event but registration required.
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The event is hosted by two of NMBU's new Sustainability Arenas:

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We kick off with a short introduction to the Sustainability Arenas. With Erik Gómez-Baggethun, we explore the dilemma of how meeting human needs within planetary boundaries is a central idea of sustainability, yet formal recognition of limits contrasts with the promotion of unlimited economic expansion in policy and prevailing consumerist lifestyles.

Siri Eriksen will then take us through some key ideas underpinning how local transformation of cities and communities towards socially just and sustainable futures can take place in the face of global challenges.

Four of our students then take the floor in speed-talks that present their personal missions/projects that pursue sustainability and its social and environmental limits.

Following is an introduction to the Learning Hub for Climate Change Adaptation in Development (C-Hub) and a discussion of the linkages between the limits to adaptation and planetary boundaries. Cornell University's Rachel Bezner Kerr will present recent collaboration with NMBU on the limits to adaptation in food systems, and how the space for sustainable forms of adaptation is shaped both by societal processes and climate change.

We hope to see you at our first open seminar before you enjoy your well-deserved Christmas holidays!

*The link will be emailed to those registered for online attendance.

12:30 - Welcome and Introduction

Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Professor, Noragric, NMBU

Siri Eriksen, Professor, Department of Public Health Science, NMBU

13:15 - Student Speed-Talks (5 minutes each)

  • Elaina Weber: Transforming Diets toward the Health-Sustainability Nexus
  • Jelle Buijs: Towards deep sustainability at NMBU 
  • Elisabeth Veivåg Helseth: Unlimited forests? Different perspectives on the value and governance of forests for sustainability
  • Zwigard and Dariia Vakhoneva: Systemic Design for Sustainability, a student-led course linking classroom with context
13:35 - Round Table Discussion Facilitated by Ståle Navrud, Professor, School of Economics and Business, NMBU
14:00 - Mingling and snacks
14:30 - Brief introduction to C-Hub - Learning Hub for Climate Change Adaptation in Development

Siri Eriksen

14:35 - Limits to adaptation

Rachel Bezner Kerr, Department of Global Development, Cornell University, USA

15:00 - Linking social and environmental limits 

Open discussion facilitated by Erik Gómez-Baggethun 

(Programme may be subject to small changes)
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