NMBU professor Siri Eriksen among the ‘most cited ever’ in top environmental studies journal

A 2007 article on vulnerability in the context of climate change is the ‘most cited article ever’ in the top environmental studies journal Climate Policy, the publication recently announced. The article features in the journal’s top 20 papers in the last 20 years, as nominated by past and present members of its editorial board.

“[It is] our most cited article ever. It raised the issue of outcome vulnerability (then dominant) and contextual vulnerability, opening the way for a much more human centred approach to adaptation” is the verdict of the paper on the journal’s website.

Siri Eriksen is a prominent climate change researcher, with a particular focus on human vulnerability to climatic extremes such as drought and floods.  In 2018, she was selected to co-write the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment report. 

“I feel really honoured that our article has been included in the journal Climate Policy’s list of top 20 articles for 20 years of the journal. It represents a real recognition of the contribution that a community of Norwegian social science climate researchers has had to shifting international climate change debates” says Eriksen. “I am proud to be part of a community that Karen O’Brien has been instrumental in building up through her passion, inclusiveness and courage to always push the boundaries of existing thinking. The papers that matter are typically the ones that are difficult to write - I am very happy that those late nights of gruelling work and multiple manuscript revisions paid off in terms of being useful to our field!” she says. 

“All of these [articles] have focused on important policy issues; some of them have been highly influential in academia, policy or practitioner environments”, states the journal’s website.   

Two articles co-written by Eriksen were also among the top 10 downloaded in the journal Climate & Development


Read the winning article in Climate Policy:
Why different interpretations of vulnerability matter in climate change discourses by Karen O'Brien, Siri Eriksen, Lynn P. Nygaard & Ane Schjolden

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2 NMBU professors selected for UN Climate Panel

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Published 18. December 2020 - 13:41 - Updated 21. December 2020 - 22:54