Quiz Masters of Tourism Management awarded

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This fall, the class in the course "Tourism management" has utilized the Kahoot quiz to vary its teaching methods. This year, there were three queens who reigned.  

Quiz Masters of Tourism Management awarded

“The Kahoot quiz has been one of my highlights of the course! For me, it has been an incentive to stay focused in class and delivered useful summaries. It certainly always led to a good atmosphere in the classroom and was a nice closing activity of each session”, says Maya Lindemann, one of the many international students taking the fall REIS200 Tourism management class.

Lindemann who is from Germany and on her 2nd year of Bachelor in International Environment and Development Studies (IEDS), was the overall winner of the Kahoot quizzes through the semester.

Alternative teaching methods
"These eight quizzes throughout the semester are a short and stimulating summary of what we have been going through and discussing in class that day. Although it does not count toward your grade, this is an activity that students really appreciate and we award the top three finishers. If you don’t show up for class you are not getting any points for the quiz master competition, so I also think it helps attendance," says Stian Stensland, associate professor in nature based tourism at the MINA Faculty.

Unusual format
The format of the class also deviates some from standard lectures.

"I really like the format of this class which means news report before the lecture, then group exercise and finally a Kahoot test. It changes a lot from just a lecture; I really encourage alternative teaching methods," says Pauline Delautel from France, an Erasmus exchange student in Political Sciences.

Teachers and the Quiz Masters of Tourism Management. From left: Nikoline Dybsand and Stian Stensland (teachers), Maya Lindemann (1st place, Germany), Femke de Ruiter (2nd, Germany), Thi Bich Trinh Nguyen (3rd, Vietnam), Pauline Delautel (winner of the final round, France). Interestingly, all the top three finishers were in their 2nd year of their Bachelor in International Environment and Development Studies.

Nikoline Dybsand

Tourism impacts are everywhere
Tourism growth has been considerable in Norway and the rest of world. International tourist arrivals reached 1 billion in 2012, and has grown more than 30% since. A growth that is expected to continue and impact society and everyone of us in some way.

While tourism is seen as good for the economy and cultural understanding, and thus contributes to reaching UN’s sustainability goals, it does however have negative impacts too. News coverage about plastic on beaches, overtourism and climate gas emissions are extensive.

Sustainable tourism?
Sustainability issues have therefore been an important topic in the Tourism management course, and a topic the students have been eager to discuss. Lindemann elaborates:

"I believe, that tourism is closely linked to many study fields. It is relevant to everyone of us, as our world gets more connected and we travel more frequently. Therefore, the course adds valuable academic knowledge to a field most of us already know something about from practical experiences. I aim to diversify my degree as much as possible to get the most out of it and to have access to a broader spectrum of perspectives and approaches. In regards to tourism, I am very interested in the socio-cultural and environmental effects of modern (mass) tourism and alternative forms of tourism such as eco- and wildlife tourism."

Thi Bich Trinh Nguyen from Vietnam, another IEDS student, recommends the course to others, and explains why she took the course:

"I love traveling and would like to understand how to have sustainable tourism, get knowledge in tourism management and become a 'wise tourist'. The information in this course is really reality and close to our living when tourism is a booming global industry and we are affording to protect the landscape, culture and environment."

Published 16. January 2019 - 16:16 - Updated 17. January 2019 - 12:43