NMBU Researcher winner of the Queen’s Award

Professor Douglas Sheil.

Professor Douglas Sheil.

Håkon Sparre, NMBU

The award is presented by the Commonwealth Forestry Association, and comprises a cash prize to be used for travel. The purpose of the award is both to “recognise the achievements and support the future work of an outstanding mid-career forester”. The award is open to all citizens of Commonwealth countries, and is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious awards in forestry.

– I am honoured to be awarded this prize, Douglas says.
– I have often been extremely lucky with my collaborations and opportunities and have been privileged to have worked in many remarkable places with many remarkable people.  The grant will allow me to explore some forest sites in Central America later this year.  I am excited by the opportunity – it is a region I have not visited before so there is plenty to learn about.

About Douglas Sheil:
Douglas Sheil was born in Northern Ireland (making him eligible for the prize).  He spent the first three years of his life in Nigeria, but was then brought up in the Republic of Ireland. He returned to the tropics several times as a Natural Sciences student in Cambridge in England, before gaining a Master’s Degree in “Forestry and its Relation to Land Use” from Oxford, and later a Doctorate in Tropical Ecology from the same university. He also holds an M.A. in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK.

His postdoctoral experience includes ten years with the Centre for International Forest Research (CIFOR) in Indonesia, four years as director of the Institute for Tropical Forest Conservation (ITFC) a field-based research institute in Uganda, a year at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a year at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia.

He is currently employed at Dept. of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, NMBU, and remains a Senior Research Associate of the Centre for International Forest Research (CIFOR) in Indonesia, as well as Adjunct Professor of Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia. His publications have covered a wide range of tropical forest topics, and his co-authored book on rain forests is extensively used.

Published 4. June 2015 - 13:59 - Updated 5. June 2015 - 8:38