Seminar: Should we focus on sugar, starch or fat

This so-called de novo lipogenesis resulting namely in a high production of palmitic acid, which is considered to provide especially high risk of cardiovascular disease.

Considering this changing view of carbohydrates, Norwegian University of Life Sciences invites to a seminar on 10 June to discuss the topic. After all it's all about the health of half of Norway's population.

10th of June 10:00 - 15:00 at Vitenparken


The dietary recommendations on fat, protein and carbohydrate intake
Director of Department of Preventive Health, Henriette Øien, Norwegian Directorate of Health

De novo lipogenesis in the liver: “old” biochemistry revisited!
Professor Birger Svihus (IHA, NMBU)

Established “truths” are hard to challenge
Professor Anna Haug (IHA, NMBU), in dialogue with Birger Svihus
Auditorial questions will be welcomed.

Palmitic acid - Epidemiologist's views on its sources and effects
Dr Imamur, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

Obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver: risk factors and potential dietary treatment options
Professor and Director of The Centre of Obesity in Trondheim, Bård Kulseng

For registration, send e-mail to Lene Ruud Lima,

The meeting is sponsored by the NFR network: Next generation’s food production for a healthy life.

Published 27. April 2015 - 14:31 - Updated 28. April 2015 - 12:30