Memorial ceremony for Kenya massacre

On Wednesday, students and staff at NMBU held a commemoration to remember the 148 victims, mostly students, who were brutally killed in the terrorist attack on the University of Garissa, Kenya, last Thursday.

"I am deeply shocked by the cruel attack on the University of Garissa. An attack on a university is an attack on us all. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families, and to our Kenyan colleagues and fellow students here at NMBU," said NMBU's Rector Mari Sundli Tveit.

Poul Wisborg, Head of Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric, at NMBU said:

"Al-Shabaab has made an attack on Kenyan youth and their aspirations for the future, thereby threatening not only Kenyan society but the global academic community and the ideals of scholarship, education and academic freedom. Our university has staff and students from Kenya, and we stand with them in defending the right of Kenyans to study and work in peace and safety at home and abroad." Read his full comment on the tragic event here.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, the deadliest attack in the country since al Qaida killed more than 200 people at the US Embassy in Nairobi in 1998. The Kenyan government said Mohamed Mohamud is the mastermind of Thursday's terrorist attacks.

"This is a man who has a lot of grudges against the Kenyans,” Stig Jarle Hansen, an associate professor at Oslo’s Norwegian University of Life Sciences and author of Al-Shabaab in Somalia: The History and Ideology of a Militant Islamist Group told CNN.

In a longer article in the New York Times Hansen explains more about the background of the movement and security challenges facing the Kenyan government.

The commemoration was held at NMBU's Campus Ås, and the attendees lit candles for the victims after speeches, singing and poetry recitals from students. You can hear and see one of NMBUs amazing student choirs, Noe ganske annet (Something quite different), sing a tribute below (NB: mobile video)

Studenter og ansatte ved NMBU tente lys til minne for ofrene i massakren på Universitetet i Garissa.

Student and staff av NMBU lit candles for the victims at the University of Garissa.

Kristine Løwe

Published 9. April 2015 - 9:47 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:22