NMBU and the National Budget

The introduction of student fees for students outside of the EU undermines important principles for knowledge sharing and the demand for increased knowledge development in countries that need this badly. This is the opinion of NMBU Rector, Mari Sundli Tveit.

Gisle Bjørneby @ UMB

The proposed new National Budget may cause challenges for the international students, says Rector Mari Sundli Tveit.

– If we want to create sustainable development and global lasting solutions that contribute to reducing poverty, a better climate and environment, more secure food production and improved health, knowledge and knowledge sharing must be prioritized. The solutions to many of these challenges are unfortunately not found in Norway or the EU only. The introduction of a student fee could make it more difficult for students to come to Norway and NMBU. We have a societal assignment and a responsibility to contribute to knowledge sharing, Tveit says. The Rector of NMBU is proud that so many students from countries outside the EU area choose NMBU as their place of study. This contributes to global solutions that will secure our basis of existence today and tomorrow.

The number of international students at NMBU is currently high, and almost every fifth student has another nationality than Norwegian. 425 of these students are from countries outside of the EU.

Published 9. October 2014 - 12:39 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:27