HAVBRUK2 kick-off meeting

The project "Oil4Feed - Oil from oleaginous microbial biomass derived from Norwegian resources as a sustainable alternative to replace Fish/Plant oils in fish feed" aims at developing high-value oils for salmon feed from food rest materials and lignocellulose biomass by use of oleaginous microorganisms. OIL4FEED will develop a process for producing microbial oils with a high level of ommega 3 and ommega 6 fatty acids by oleaginous microalgae and fungi from animal fat rest materials and second generation sugars derived from Norwegian woody feedstock. This will lead to establishment of a new value chain from "Norwegian rest materials - to - Microbial Feed Oils" in Norway.

The kick-off meeting was held at Campus Ås on the 25th of June 2020.

The meeting participants were:
NMBU-RealTek: Achim Kohler, Volha Shapaval, Valeria Tafintseva and Boris Zimmermann
NMBU-KBM: Svein Jarle Horn, Pernille Margrethe Olsen
NMBU-BioVit: Liv Torunn Mydland, Margareth Øverland
Norilia AS: Marije Oostindjer



Published 15. July 2020 - 11:23 - Updated 15. July 2020 - 11:28