BioSpecMLC 2019 - Workshop on Machine Learning and Chemometrics in Biospectroscopy

The workshop is organised in collaboration with National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Belarusian State University. The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists to discuss chemometrics and machine learning in life sciences with a special focus on biospectroscopy.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Validation in machine learning and chemometrics
  • Combining machine learning and chemometric methods
  • Variable selection for model stabilization and interpretation
  • Pre-processing and data augementation
  • Analysis of hyperspectral data in biospectroscopy
  • Visualization tools for the analysis of hyperspectral data
  • Analysis of heterogeneous data in biospectroscopy
  • Application of data analysis tools in vibrational spectroscopy in biology and medicine
  • Experience with software platforms for the analysis of spectroscopic data
  • Small data sets vs large data sets


The following research from the BioSpec group will be presented at the workshop:

High-throughput biochemical phenotyping of bacteria isolated from the coastal area of East Antarctica by PCA analysis of FTIR spectra
V. Akulava, A. Kohler, L. Valentovich, U. Miamin, V. Shapaval
Presentation by Volha Akulava

Extended Multiplicative Signal Augmentation: an alternative to pre-processing of infrared spectra
U. Blazhko, V. Shapaval, V. Tafintseva, V. Kovalev, A. Kohler
Presentation by Uladzislau Blazhko

Can deep learning beat model-based pre-processing?
U. Blazhko, J. H. Solheim, S. Trukhan, V. Tafintseva, V. Shapaval, V. Kovalev, A. Kohler
Presentation by Uladzislau Blazhko

FTIR spectroscopy and PLS Regression to monitor substrate consumption during lipid accumulation in oleaginous fungi grown in animal fat emulsion
J. K. H. Blomqvist, B. Zimmermann, A. Kohler, A. M. Langseter, V. Shapaval
Presentation by Johanna Karin Hillevi Blomqvist

Does chaotic scattering affect the extinction efficiency in quasi-spherical scatterers?
M. A. Brandsrud, E. Seim, J. H. Solheim, R. Blümel, A. Kohler
Presentation by Maren Anna Brandsrud

Strategies for preprocessing nanospectroscopic infrared data for visualizing chemistry of lipid bodies in oleaginous filamentous fungi
D. Dubava, A. Kohler, A. Deniset-Besseau, S. Dzurendova, V. Shapaval
Presentation by Darya Dubava

Monitoring the lipid accumulation in oleaginous fungi grown under nitrogen limitation and different phosphorus levels by FTIR spectroscopy combined with multivariate calibration
S. Dzurendova, B. Zimmermann, V. Tafintseva, A. Kohler, V. Shapaval
Presentation by Simona Dzurendová

Multivariate data analysis to identify green solvents for the environmentally friendly extraction of microbial lipids
A. M. Langseter, B. Zimmermann, A. Kohler, J. K. H. Blomqvist, M. Sandgren, V. Passoth, I. Marova, V. Shapaval
Presentation by Anne Marie Langseter

Preprocessing strategies for infrared spectral data with limited numbers of spectral channels
T. A. Lintvedt, J. H. Solheim, V. Tafintseva, B. Zimmermann, A. Kohler
Presentation by Tiril Aurora Lintvedt

FTIR spectroscopy combined with multivariate data analysis to study the effect of temperature on biochemical profiles of Antarctic bacteria
M. Smirnova, A. Kohler, U. Miamin, V. Shapaval
Presentation by Margarita Smirnova

Mie Extinction Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction (ME-EMSC) of infrared images
J. H. Solheim, S. Sirovica, O. Addison, A. Kohler
Presentation by Johanne Heitmann Solheim

Extended multiplicative signal correction for FTIR spectral quality test and pre-processing of infrared imaging data
V. Tafintseva, V. Shapaval, M. Smirnova, A. Kohler
Presentation by Valeria Tafintseva

EMSC-based image registration of infrared images and histological H&E stained images
S. Trukhan, V. Tafintseva, K. Tøndel, F. Großerueschkamp, A. Mosig, V. Kovalev, A. Kohler
Presentation by Stanislau Trukhan

Comparison of classification methods for genus and species classification of FTIR spectra of moulds, yeasts and bacteria
K. Tøndel, V. Tafintseva, V. Shapaval, A. Kohler
Presentation by Kristin Tøndel

Vibrational spectroscopy of pollen
B. Zimmermann, M. Bagcioglu, A. Kohler, V. Tafintseva, M. Ohlson
Presentation by Boris Zimmermann







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