Bioeconomy in the North kick-off meeting

The project "From lignocellulose sugars to high-value lipids and biopolymers in a single fermentation process"  aims at combining the expertise of Norwegian and German academic and industrial partners in the field of fungal lipids and biopolymers. The project will utilize the unique potential of oleaginous Zygomycetes fungi in order to develop a single fermentation process for co-production of high-value lipids and chitin/chitosan biopolymers from sugar-rich lignocellulose hydrolysates originating from forestry waste streams. The bioproducts will have agricultural applications as animal feed additive and plant biostimulant.

The kick-off meeting was held at Campus Ås on the 6th of March 2020.

The meeting participants were:
NMBU: Simona Dzurendova, Achim Kohler, Volha Shapaval, Valeria Tafintseva and Boris Zimmermann
NORCE and Biosentrum: Sushil Gaykawad
Borregaard: Visvanath Patil
University of Munster (Teleconference): Bruno Moerschbacher, Jasper Wattjes
Bex-Biotech GmbH (Teleconference): Rebecca Melcher


Published 9. March 2020 - 17:04 - Updated 30. March 2020 - 9:52