Journal of Biophotonics publication

Extended multiplicative signal correction for FTIR spectral quality test and pre‐processing of infrared imaging data
V. Tafintseva,  V. Shapaval,  M. Smirnova,  A. Kohler


Spectral quality control is an important step in the analysis of infrared spectral data, however, often neglected in scientific literature. A frequently used quality test that was originally developed for infrared spectra of bacteria is provided by OPUS software from Bruker Optik GmbH. In this study, the OPUS quality test is applied to a large number of spectra of bacteria, yeasts and moulds and hyperspectral images of microorganisms. It is shown that the use of strict thresholds for parameters of the OPUS quality test leads to discarding too many spectra. A strategy for optimizing parameters thresholds of the OPUS quality test is provided and a novel approach for spectral quality testing based on extended multiplicative signal correction (EMSC) is suggested. For all the data sets considered in our study, the EMSC quality test is shown to be the best among different alternatives of OPUS quality test provided.

Published 9. March 2020 - 16:27 - Updated 11. March 2020 - 11:00