HAVBRUK2 project

The project "Oil4Feed - Oil from oleaginous microbial biomass derived from Norwegian resources as a sustainable alternative to replace Fish/Plant oils in fish feed" aims at developing high-value oils for salmon feed from food rest materials and lignocellulose biomass by use of oleaginous microorganisms. OIL4FEED will develop a process for producing microbial oils with a high level of ommega 3 and ommega 6 fatty acids by oleaginous microalgae and fungi from animal fat rest materials and second generation sugars derived from Norwegian woody feedstock. This will lead to establishment of a new value chain from "Norwegian rest materials - to - Microbial Feed Oils" in Norway.

This is a collaborative project together with academic partners from California Center for Algae Biotechnology, and industrial partners from Borregaard AS and Norilia AS.

The project will be coordinated by NMBU-RealTek by the project manager Volha Shapaval. Congratulations Volha Shapaval, Achim Kohler, Valeria Tafintseva and Boris Zimmermann from RealTek, Margareth Øverl and Liv Torun Mydland from BIOVIT, and Svein Jarle Horn from KBM. 

Published 9. March 2020 - 15:03 - Updated 15. July 2020 - 11:21