Student research labs

The BioSpec Norway research group at RealTek currently organize four SRL projects. Through the SRL, each selected student will be involved in an existing research project, and work on research tasks in smaller groups with support from the BioSpec team and a supervisor.

BioSpec is a multidisciplinary team consisting of around 20 people. The SRL students will work closely together with PhD students, PostDocs, researchers and professors. Some projects are also linked to industrial partners.

The aim of SRL is to give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with research, and to give them experience in multidisciplinary work.

For the students, SRL can also be a warm-up for the master thesis. Further, the SRL project can be arranged as a special syllabus, granting 10-15 study points depending on the scope.

Student Research Labs in BioSpec

BioSpec currently organize three different SRL projects. You can read more about each project by opening the PDF-links below.

The information provided at this stage is more general, and the tasks will eventually be concretized for each student.

Published 28. August 2020 - 12:09 - Updated 26. November 2021 - 10:50