PhD defence on October 8th

Anna Machina
Anna Machina Photo: I. Burud

Anna Machina will present her trial lecture with the title "Switched dynamical systems and applications" at 12:15 in T401 (Tårnbygningen).

She will defend her thesis "Differential inclusions and piecevise models in biochemical and gene regulatory networks" at 13:30 in T401.

Anna Machina has worked on mathematical methods to solve problems originating from biology. When modelling numerically a Gene Regulatory Network, a collection of DNA segments in a cell interacting with each other, the number of equations is huge and simplifications are necessary in order to run the models with todays computer capacity. Anna Has shown in her thesis that the theory of differential incusions allows one to make these simplifications and obtain results that mimic the true nature.

Anna has also developed a new algorithm that approximates Biochemical Reaction Networks. This new algorithm makes a piecewise approximation of the input domain. This methods gives a better apporximations than other existing methods. 

Anna Machina is from Russia and has worked at IMT with Arkadi Ponossov as main supervisor.  

Published 24. June 2014 - 13:09 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:40