New Norwegian-Kenyan-collaborative project on sustainable energy and economics

Kenya is endowed with vast renewable energy resources that would enable the transition to a greener economy. However, low level of skills and inadequate research capacity in sustainable energy technologies, policies, and energy economic models has hindered efficient development and management.

Training and education needed

Quality and relevant education, training and research are needed for Kenya to take its next steps with regards to scientific and technological innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship as well as employability. A new Norwegian-Kenyan-collaborative project on sustainable energy and economics seeks to remedy some of this.

“The overall goal of this project is to enhance educational excellence in partner universities in Kenya and Norway through quality teaching, research and innovation to produce well qualified and competent postgraduates in sustainable energy and economics,” project leader professor Samuel Muyiwa Adaramola says.

Scientific collaboration

Specifically, the project aims to educate through mobility and quality postgraduate training to increase skills and competencies in the energy sector.

Important goals include:

  • Setting up mobility management and coordination structure between partner universities
  • Executing student mobility for MSc and PhD students
  • Executing staff mobility
  • Conducting guest lectures and student co-supervision at partner universities
  • Dissemination of project results, experiences and best practices
  • Mentorship seminars for young academic staff on research and pedagogical skills
  • Joint proposal writing for research funding
  • Conducting community outreach activities for knowledge dissemination and cultural integration
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation –implementation of mobility and continuous impact review

“The project will result in a number of well-trained and qualified candidates,” Muyiwa says.

“We will also enhance the pedagogical and research skills of the academic staff”

The project will provide increased career opportunities and pathways for students and greater participation of local communities in research activities and dissemination of knowledge. 

Student and interested?

There will be good opportunities for funding for MINA students who want to take courses or write a master's thesis in Kenya. Contact Sam if you are interested.

Published 14. November 2021 - 15:52 - Updated 15. November 2021 - 12:06