NMBU ranked among the world's top 20

In 2018, NMBU climbs to a new best at the QS University Ranking's ranking of the world's leading universities in agriculture and forestry. The university is now ranked 15th in the world in this category. QS's ranking is one of the three most widely read in the world. 

Strong traditions
"I register that we have climbed eight places since last year," Sjur Baardsen, Dean at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA), says.

The faculty has a lot of education and research on both agriculture and forestry, so, naturally, he is pleased with the results.

"It is reassuring that our agrarian and forestry communities, the original programs of this old university, are still standing strong and achieving top international recognition."

Good academic reputation
QS ranks according to multiple parameters (see fact box for all), including scientific publications and the number of citations per article. If sorted by academic reputation, NMBU is ranked among the top on a formidable fifth place, only passed by the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, UC Davis in California, Agro ParisTech in Paris and SLU in Sweden. And far ahead institutions like Oregon State University, which the forestry communities tend to look up to.

Strong increase
Overall, NMBU has improved significantly on this ranking the past five years. From being between 51 and 100 in 2013, the university is now ranked among the top 20 in the overall ranking. What are the reasons behind this strong development?

Baardsen ticks off on his fingers.
"We have strong research communities within forestry, especially forest inventory. On the agricultural side we have many long-term research projects with associated experimental fields. These are essential to our educational activities. NMBU also does a lot of cutting-edge research within the plant and animal sciences."

Other Nordic universities on the list are the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in fifth place, and the University of Copenhagen on 17th.
"And of course it is always fun to place in front of our Danish cousins," Baardsen concludes with a smile.


Published 13. November 2018 - 21:52 - Updated 14. November 2018 - 10:08