5 more years of excellent research on radioactivity

CERAD - Centre of Excellence for Environmental Radioactivity works to reduce the uncertainty of radioactivity risk assessments. The center looks at effects of radioactivity, including gamma radiation, alone and in combination with other stressors. The goal is to contribute to basic knowledge and better tools to protect people and the environment from radiation.

The centre started in 2013 and has recently had its mid-term review. The Norwegian Research Council, based on the evaluation committee's recommendation, has now granted CERAD funding for another 5 years of research.

Eye of the needle
"Having status of CoE Research Center is a result of hard and targeted work in combination with good research traditions. You do not get through this eye of the needle without having had top level research for a long time, " Dean Sjur Baardsen says.
"Congratulations are in order to all of CERAD's staff for the the Research's Council acknowledgement of the centre's results for the previous five-year period and continued funding for another period. It is extremely well deserved."

Published 20. June 2018 - 15:14 - Updated 20. June 2018 - 15:18