Harassment and censurable conditions

Nobody at NMBU, neither employees nor students, should experience being exposed to unwanted sexual attention / sexual harassment.

NMBU expects its employees and students to respect each other's borders and not act or use words that may be perceived as offensive. Employees and students at the NMBU are required to comply with the NMBU Code of Conduct, the applicable regulations and standards for this. In relationships where the relationship of power is different (eg leader-subordinate, supervisor-student) particular care shall be taken in actions and verbs.

- NMBU's ethical guidelines
- Information about sexual harassment

From the guidlines: "Private relationships which are incompatible with the professional relationship are forbidden. This means that:

It lies with the supervisor to ensure that an essential professional distance is maintained and that no relationships are entered into which place the candidate in a vulnerable position. Double relationships in the supervisory relationship (such as familial, romantic or private economic relationships) are not permitted. (...)"

Published 25. January 2019 - 13:34 - Updated 15. June 2021 - 15:20