Information for our master's students

Computer and reading rooms
Information about the facilities in MINA's two main buildings; Jordfagbygningen and Sørhellinga. 

Master's thesis
Information about the master's thesis, topic suggestions, deadlines, etc. 

Study structure
Overview of mandatory courses for each program (NB! Beware of year-dependent info). 
- Ecology
Environmental sciences - Sustainable water and sanitation, health and development
Radio ecology

Special syllabus
An opportunity to immerse yourself in one or more self-chosen topics of optional size. Do you have a particular topic you want to learn more about, then this may be the way to go.

Diploma registry
Can collect your results from higher education in Norway and share them with potential employers, educational institutions and other relevant recipients. The Diploma Registry is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research and is free of charge.

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