MINA's rules for lab activities and fieldwork

It is very important that MINA has an overview of all our activities in the lab and in the field. Both to prevent infection, and also with regard to infection detection should anyone become sick. In such cases, we must be able to report exactly who they have been in contact with and where they have worked.

General rules 

NMBU follows the advice of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. You can find their rules here (external web page).

Rules and activities in the lab

MINA has divided its laboratories into infection zones to facilitate planning and minimize the risk of infection. Each zone has a maximum number of people who can work there at the same time.

 The zone manager plans the activities in his/her zone in dialogue with MINA's HSE-responsible, Hilde Steinmoen (hilde.steinmoen@nmbu.no).

Rules for fieldwork:

All activities, including master’s and PhD projects, must be registered and risk assessed.

Accidents in the field must be reported to head of administration, Karen D. E. Johnsen, as soon as possible at: +47 952 57 719.




Published 11. May 2020 - 21:48 - Updated 31. August 2020 - 12:12