Energy transitions and controversies

Each year, a leading researcher in the field of global development studies is invited to NMBU to hold a public talk at the close of the core course for our MSc in Global Development Studies.

This year, we will be joined by Mikaela Vasstrøm (University of Agder) who will discuss:  

Energy transitions and controversies:
Constructing wind power policies in Norway between energy efficiency and questions of energy justice

Friday 2 December 2022, 13:15- 15:15
Clock Building (room U121), NMBU (map) and online (Zoom link at the foot of the page).

There is an increased push for renewable energy development at all policy levels. Renewable energy is positioned as key to answer to climate mitigation, low-emission society and contribute to green growth opportunities. Global geo-political events and the war in Ukraine have further fueled the urgency of renewable energy deployment to assure energy security and affordable energy prices.

The localization of renewable energy policies across the globe generate a multitude of conflicts and controversies. Concerns about the use of resources and land areas, and changes to the landscape, are linked with questions of legitimate decision-making procedures and distribution of goods and burdens.

Renewable energy policies thus generate ecological, social, economic and cultural conflicts across the globe. Energy justice is an emerging theoretical lens for scrutinizing and critically engaging with energy transitions. Keys questions required by this analytical frame include:

  • Who (and whose values) are recognized (justice of recognition)?
  • What are the procedural frames and who participates in process (procedural justice)?
  • How are benefits, risks and burdens distributed (distributional justice)? 

In the NMBU Global Development Studies Lecture 2022, Mikaela Vasstrøm will discuss how wind power policies in Norway have been shaped by various justifications over the past 30 years. You will hear how arising conflicts and counter arguments have contributed to question different aspects of energy justice and policy legitimacy.

About the speaker

Mikaela Vasstrøm is an Associate Professor at the University of Agder's Department of Global Development and Planning, and a Senior Researcher at Agder Research. She Holds a PhD from Copenhagen University exploring openings and closures for citizen participation in an environmental planning process in Norway. Her research interests are focused on nature and society relations with regard to understandings of sustainability, development and democracy, especially considering the role of knowledge and potential of social learning.  

The event will be streamed and is open to all.

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Published 17. November 2022 - 13:55 - Updated 28. November 2022 - 9:46