We are Waves of Potential: Engaging with Climate Change

We are waves of potential - Engaging with climate change

Tuesday 29 November 11:30-16:00
Vitenparken, Ås  

Free event, registration required:
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Climate change increasingly threatens daily lives around the globe. It creates the need and potential for engaging with knowledge and action in new ways. Engaging with climate change means reimagining how we – both as students, researchers, educators and individuals – relate to the collective, opening up space for transformative action.

With the aim of demonstrating the potential for transforming society that lies in becoming part of change, NMBU students have put together an interdisciplinary conference drawing on cutting edge research from various disciplines within the field of climate change. The event is open for all, including academics, civil society, policy makers and students interested in the theme. Join us in moving away from climate doomerism to hope.

We invite you all for lunch and mingling at Vitenparken from 11:30 before the conference starts at 11:45. The program includes discussions on key emerging themes such as:

  • What happened at COP 27 (UN Climate Conference)?
  • Why are multiple knowledges and ways of knowing important to act on climate change?
  • How do we communicate climate change in the science-policy-public interface?
  • How does climate change affect key aspects of our well-being, such as health?
  • And what does climate economics tell us about how we can act on climate change?

The conference will engage you through inspiring and interactive formats – expect some surprises! With this in mind, it is recommended that you join physically at Vitenparken, though online attendance will be possible.

We hope you’ll join and form part of our wave of potential.




Lunch and Mingling



Curt Rice, Rector, NMBU



COP 27 – The way forward

Organized by:

Rosemary Aghedo, Noshin Nehal Prova, Kayode Precious Ayomide, Oluwabukonla Mercy Nana, Maren Jota



And Mother Earth says: I’m too young to die! - Climate anxiety and Doomerism

Organized by:

Emaediong Esema, Colin Sutton, Anahita Jafar Abadi, Amalie Berger, Sunyoung Ahn, and Ida Olberg Torsdalen



Reaching out to the public about the climate crisis

With Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson, Professor, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management, NMBU

Organized by: Helene Endsjø, Randi Maud Mork, Mina Sagelvmo, Manali Bisht, Ahmed Hamed 




Transformative art - communicating hope for climate change 


With Marte Wulff

Organized by Marte Østbye Larsen, Emmanuel Anokye, Rahel Markos Gebrekidan, Nnaemeka Okeke, Akwero Phiona and Thea Birgitte Erfjord 







Started at the top, now we’re here… Bottom up approach – the value of local knowledge

Organized by:

Peter Aarhaug, Søndre Steine, Kornelius Mork, Victoria Hedman, Bianca Correa Søyland, and Outi Rainivaara



Indigenous knowledges in contemporary wildfire management

Organized by:

Florian Opitz, Saeid Barzchkar

Liudmyla Polkovnykova, Finya Poppe, Lilly Klein, Kaja Boglen



Exploring Sustainable Food

Organized by:

Victoria Opheim Galåen, Elisabeth Haugo, Kristian Ødemark Hov, and Lovisa Mokrosinski-Hoel 







HEATwave - Climate Change, Health and Adaptation

With Dr. Shilpa Rao-Skirbekk, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute of Public Health 

Organized by:

Kicki Svensson, Vicky Kananu Mbaabu, George Muchiri Kiago, Bartho Ogochukwu Okuefuna, Camilla Skau Nyl, Emilie Kristine, Oluwatosin Victoria Olowolayemo



We must cut emissions but at what cost? Economic measures to reach emissions targets                    

Organized by:

Elise Johannessen and Sofie van Dooren




With discussant Roberta Cucca, Associate Professor, Faculty for Landscape and Society, NMBU


Changing waves – Quizzing our daily habits

Organized by:

Amber Stribos, Anne Steinhaug, and Helene Tannas



Closing word

Siri Eriksen, Professor, Faculty for Landscape and Society, NMBU


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