Research Group: Territorialization and Methods in Planning (TMP)

TMP's themes:

  • Theoretical and empirical knowledge of societal development, real estate development and territorialization processes;
  • Theories and methods related to the interaction between territory and society, including culture, values ​​and mentalities, management technology and planning systems, as well as instruments and methods of practice (strategic, operative, regulatory and communicative);
  • Development of methods and critical reflection on the relationship between theory and practice in urban and regional planning;
  • Exploration of learning methods in the intersection between research and practice within urban and regional planning.

TMP is therefore open to wide participation from various subjects and actors, both researchers, practitioners and users of spatial planning systems.  

Ongoing and recent projects and cooperation

  • EVAPLAN: Evaluation of the Planning and Building Act, 'Plandelen', in collaboration with several groups and institutes, including NIBR, UiT, NORUT, TØI and HiL.
    Funded by the Research Council of Norway

  • OsloPilot: Oslo municipality's commitment to art in public spaces
    Project Leader: Norwegian Cultural Counsel, Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverrbakk and Eva Gonzalez-Sancho

Group members

Academic members: Marius Grønning, Elin Børrud, Daniel Galland, Kirsti Stuvøy, Heidi Ramsvik, Anja Standal, Melissa Murphy, Ingvil Nordland, Martin Lund Iversen, Terje Holsen.

Members from the industry: Bruse Rognlien (Link Architecture/NMBU), Martin Rasch Ersdal (Link Architecture/NMBU), Nagina Malla (Nordic), Lene Basma (Drammen Municipality, Planning Department).

Published 19. September 2019 - 8:40 - Updated 5. December 2019 - 10:06