Planning and Resource Management

  • Gruppens medlemmer jobber med forskning på planlegging og ressursforvaltning for bruk og vern av natur- og kulturlandskap

A space in which to inspire and strengthen research in planning and resource management at the Faculty of Landscape and Society. Contributing to the visualization and profiling of research at LANDSAM, and ensuring good synergy between the projects and the field. 

Planning and Resource Management

Who are we?

The group functions as a platform for obtaining more externally-funded research projects and research collaboration within and outside of NMBU. The group also provides a basis for developing self-initiated research, which may be of a more creative and/or critical nature, which may well fall outside of the programs of the Research Council of Norway and other sources. The group seeks to strengthen the international aspects of research in this field, through research collaboration and inviting guest researchers / guest lecturers to the Faculty. The group aims to strengthen the links between research, teaching and the supervision of Master stduents. 

The following externally funded research projects associated with the research group:

Members and Steering Group

The research group has participants from LANDSAM's Department of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Landscape Architecture, Department of Property and Law, and Department of International Environment and Development Studies (Noragric), as well as from the Department of Nature-based tourism at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural resource Management. 

Associated researchers at LANDSAM are: Fredrik Holth, Nikolai Winge, Sebastian Peters, Tim Richardson, Thomas Haraldseid, Ian Bryceson, Pål Vedel, Lei Gao, Ulf Rydningen, Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn, Claudia Fongar, Lillin Knutdzon, Wenche Dramstad, Leikny Gammelmo. 

Published 20. September 2017 - 13:37 - Updated 6. September 2018 - 9:36