Recipient of several funding grants for interdisciplinary education and collaboration

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SITRAP has been granted two separate funding in June with other collaborators for “Tverrfaglig problemløsning i team” and “Dugnad for digital Innovasjon”. These initiatives are planned to commence in the fall semester. Article written the 26th of June 2019.

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Recipient of several funding grants for interdisciplinary education and collaboration

Goals for the projects

Both grants encourage further interdisciplinary collaboration across institutes and between students and faculty members. They also fall under SITRAP’s strategy area 1: involving students in developing and reflecting over our teaching practices to ensure that the education meets, and grows from, their needs. The context, collaborators, goal, and sum of the individual grants are as following:

  • Tverrfaglig problemløsning i team, a joint application with the Business School at NMBU about a 5 SP elective course for interdisciplinary problem solving in team. Here the students get to collaborate with others across study programs and with teachers within other professional fields. The goal to test a pilot for the innovative teaching methods utilised in the course, INN271 at the Business School, and to draw experiences from SITRAP on how to develop a new pedagogical platform rooted in relevant societal challenges and issues in the business sector. The project was granted 300.000 NOK.
  • Dugnad for digital innovasjon, an application with the student magazine KOTE for a blog series on how to integrate digital tools in teaching. The point of the blog series is to emphasize and spread the information on what kind of work and innovations is being done on the GIS and VR front. Not least, to develop a pilot on how to give better insight into the students learning outcoming on other subjects using tools like these. The goal is to get input from all camps on this topic, not least the students in relation to courses and teaching possibilities. The project was granted 100.000 NOK.
Published 26. June 2019 - 16:37 - Updated 26. June 2019 - 16:44