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    Daniel Ewald

NMBU/LANDSAM IS SEARCHING FOR 4 – 6 students for participating in a 30 credits interdisciplinary studio course along with students from AHO (eg. architecture ) and UiO (eg. geography) this fall.

City Studio Oslo

Practical info

The application is open to students from all master programs at LANDSAM. The course is run by UiO in collaboration with the city of Oslo, OsloMet, BI, AHO and NMBU. The language is English and lecturers and tutors will come from the different educational institutions and the City of Oslo.  The location will be central in Oslo.

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This program is full-time, 9:00 to 16:00, Monday – Friday. Students may work outside of these hours when implementing projects or for hosting or attending special events. Course time is not limited to occurring at the studio location. There will be time for students to implement their projects and learn in the community. Students however will be expected to base their 'in-office' work at the studio.

Startup ca. 12 august.


Send an e-mail which includes a CV and a letter of motivation. A committee will review applications and invite top candidates to take part in a short interview.  

Read more on the UiO course description page with new admission information. This includes an expression of interest form ​that can be filled out before an application is submitted so we can better track interest in the course. 

We seek a high level of engagement and commitment to the course. Only those who can commit to the course structure should apply.    

Published 27. May 2019 - 15:01 - Updated 17. June 2019 - 17:13