Visions and ambitions

SITRAP aims to be a national centre for professional didactics in spatial planning. Professional didactics means; “norms, standards and traditions, and with them curricula content and teaching practices on how a particular discipline is conveyed and taught”. The professions in spatial planning are making disciplines, including landscape architecture, urban- and regional planning, and property development, among others. The overall vision is to empower future professionals in these disciplines by integrating transdisciplinary co-creation early in their education towards enhanced learning outcomes.


Current position: The centre’s mandate – to promote innovation by supporting creative ideas - is grounded in faculty and university strategies. NMBU’s vision Knowledge for life aims to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to develop “21st century skills”.

Desired position: By 2025, on the institutional level, SITRAP will have contributed to innovative student-active learning laboratories that enable students to be confident in their future professional role. Further, the students’ engagement in their studies will have improved, the gap between our core programmes and other disciplines will be reduced, and our educators will have built a culture for reflection and innovation in teaching. On a national level, the many study programmes in planning will have developed their education curricula with reference to SITRAP’s work. SITRAP will significantly enhance continuous education and lifelong learning for Norwegian professionals and represent an international contact point for higher education and policy-makers. 


Published 11. March 2019 - 11:17 - Updated 27. May 2019 - 15:36