LANDSAM collaborates with the OsloBIENNALEN on art in public spaces

OsloBIENNALEN is an event with a five-year evolving programme that unfolds over time across the city, with a public programme of workshops, readings, concerts, symposia, and performances.

 “The curators want to connect expertise from different environments and as a scholar in urban and regional planning, I was already involved in the pilot work in the period 2015-2017”, says Marius Grønning (T&MP).

 The collaboration initially resulted in the publication: OSLO PILOT (2015-2017): A project investigating the role of art in and for the public space—laying the groundwork for oslo biennial first edition.

 The research group focuses on the relationship between territorialisation and the evolution of methods within spatial planning, both of which are relevant to the OsloBIENNALEN in relation to the new municipal institution’s concern with facilitating art production in public spaces.

 “We investigate, among other things, how artists relate to public spaces. In the pilot project, we challenged artists and writers to produce text related to four concepts: reactivation, periodicity, disappearance and public” says Grønning.

Four symposia that build on this work are organized as part of the biennial programme. Grønning is responsible for the first symposium in the series, called ‘Art production within a locality’, which takes place on 19-20 October. The research framework was presented at the Prologue Symposium on 27th of May.

Relevant to several academic environments at LANDSAM

The project opens up many questions related to biennials as a diplomatic instrument between cities, the legal frames and possibilites that characterise practices in public spaces, the design of urban spaces, as well as place-making and the social, cultural and spatial processes that are set in motion by artworks.

A master thesis has also been written in connection with the pilot work: City Spacing: From a comprehensive to a fragmented approach to common land by Åse Grøttå & Julian Skytterholm.

“Anyone interested should contact the research group”, says Grønning.

Read more about the research and work related to OsloBIENNALEN, and art in public spaces in the interview Voices from the osloBIENNALEN: Marius Grønning.

Published 12. August 2019 - 7:46 - Updated 12. August 2019 - 8:15