Welcome to the exhibition OUTDOOR MATTERS at the National Museum in Oslo

  • Til utstillingen har fotograf ved Nasjonalmuseet Annar Bjørgli tatt bilder fra utvalgte prosjekter mellom juni og oktober 2018. Bildet er fra andedammen i universtietsparken på NMBU, campus Ås.

    Campus Ås, NMBU

    Annar Bjørgli / Nasjonalmuseet

It is one hundred years since the landscape architect programme began at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) making Norway the first country in Europe to educate landscape architects and this centennial will be celebrated with the OUTDOOR MATTERS exhibition at the National Museum – Architecture, Oslo.

Welcome to the exhibition OUTDOOR MATTERS at the National Museum in Oslo

The Department of Landscape Architecture and the National Museum invite you to the the exhibition ‘OUTDOOR MATTERS’, February - September 2019. Professor Jenny B. Osuldsen is the curator, and the material in the exhibition is taken from the Historical Archive of Norwegian Landscape Architecture, run by Professor Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewhan. 

The exhibition ‘UTESTEMME’ stretches the physical boundaries of the museum, expanding to the building’s exterior as well as interior. In the pavilion, you can wander through a landscape-themed labyrinth showing original drawings and both historical and new photographs of items from landscape architecture’s pioneering period (1900–1960). 

In correspondence with the exhibition, the book ‘UTESTEMMER’ is be launched by the publisher, Orpheus. The book is an elaboration of the exhibition’s installations.

In celebration of 100 years since the establishment of Europe's first formal education in landscape architecture, founded in Ås in 1919, NMBU’s Department of Landscape Architecture invites you to a number of events occurring throughout 2019. Browse the 100 Year Anniversary website for more information.

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Exhibition: OUTDOOR MATTERS at the National Museum - Architecture.

Februar - September

National Museum - ArchitectureBankplassen 3, 0151 Oslo

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