Presentations and Posters

The presentations are in the same order as during the conference.

December 1

Siri Eriksen: Key questions and dilemas in the interface between humanitarian aid and climate change adaptation.

Lisa Schipper: Keynote: What does climate change mean for humanitarian work and what does humanitarian work mean for climate change?

Ruth Haug: Preparing for uncertainties - moving from crisis response to emergency preparedness?

Sigrid Nagoda: Reproducing vulnerability through climate change adaptation? – Policy processes, local power relations and food insecurity in northwestern Nepal

Ingrid Nyborg: Climate and Human-Induced Crises in Pakistan: Vulnerability reduction in Humanitarian Response and Local Adaptation.

Andrei Marin: Building resilient livelihoods: A critique from Kenya

Fetien Abay: The missing links in empowering women to adapt climate change - experiences from Afar region, Eastern Ethiopia

December 2

John Handmer: Keynote: Can humanitarian actions create space for transformational change?

Siri Eriksen and Sigrid Nagoda: Guiding principles for climate change adaptation in humanitarian aid. How do we meet the challenges identified at this conference?

Cecilia Costella: Scalability and sustainability: Can new approaches in anticipatory action and social protection offer an entry point for reducing vulnerability to recurrent crises?

Lutgart Lenaerts: Transformational adaptation in Ethiopia? Local vulnerability knowledge and development decisions in the Afar region

Summary groupwork: Can humanitarian actions create space for transformational change?

Jan Haakonsen: The way ahead


Siri Eriksen: Humanitarian Policy and Practice in a Changing Climate

Terry Cannon and Max Martin: Cyclones in Bangladesh

Sigrid Nagoda: Reproducing Vulnerability Through Climate Change Adaptation

Awais Arifeen: Assessing Disasters and Vulnerability in mountainous region of Northern Pakistan

Teklehaymanot Gebremeskel: Perceptions of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation versus "humanitarian" response in Afar region, Ethiopia

Sigrid Nagoda and Siri Eriksen: What does climate change adaptation mean for humanitarian assistance? Guiding principles for policy makers and practitioners

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