Noragric & IDS Seminar


Adapting to Changing Needs? New Models for Humanitarian Aid in an Uncertain World.

Time: 17th March 2016, 14.00-15.30

Venue: Cirkus building (Styrerømet - Room 213), Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås.

This seminar will explore the drivers of change in the humanitarian sector, which include climate change, conflict and demographic change. Although there is much talk about a new model for humanitarian assistance, the argument will be made, drawing on quantitative analysis of humanitarian crises over the past decade, that there are already 4 distinct approaches to humanitarian work emerging, and that what is needed is a global system that can apply the appropriate approach for relevant contexts.

This seminar will draw on the research and discussion paper led by Ben Ramalingam for the Montreax XIII Good Humanitarian Donorship conference:

Speakers: Ben Ramalingam

Ben Ramalingam is Leader of the Digital and Technology Cluster at IDS, and Chair of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund. He was previously Head of Research & Development at ALNAP, a unique multi-stakeholder network for improving humanitarian assistance, and deputy director of the Humanitarian Futures Programme. Ramalingam was one of the co-authors of the IPCC Special Report on Extreme Weather Events.

The seminar is free and open to everyone. Coffee, tea and snacks will be served. Please register by sending an email to by the 29th February 2016

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