Intensification of sorghum production in Mali

Agro-ecological conditions are not favourable for rainfed agriculture in the drought-prone Yelimane district in Mali. At the same time, flood recession farming is vital for food security in the area. 

Every year, large areas are flooded along riverbanks and temporary lakes. When water recedes from the flooded areas, farmers plant crops and practice traditional their traditional agricultural technologies. Inputs are rarely used, and sorghum yields are low. 

Noragric teamed up with Mali's Institute of Rural Economy (IER) to study flood recession farming, and assess ways to intensify the system. To date, very few studies have been conducted to improve flood recession farming in Mali and elsewhere in Africa.  They found that the soils in the study area were particularly deficient in nitrogen.

Technologies that increased yield at a low cost were seed priming, use of improved varieties, microdosing of organic and mineral fertilizer and the transplanting of seedlings. These technologies increased sorghum yield in comparison to the control methods from 25%-77%.

The IER team and national NGOs are now promoting these technologies in the project areas.  

Read more in Agronomy:
Intensification of Sorghum Production in Flood Recession Agriculture in Yelimane, Western Mali 
by Kalifa Traore, Bouya Traore, Gry Synnevåg & Jens B. Aune 


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Published 5. June 2020 - 12:37 - Updated 5. June 2020 - 14:11