Livestock income and community welfare in South Africa

For households in communities living near South Africa's Great Fish River Nature Reserve, livestock income accounts for about 28% of all income, and very poor households depend disproportionately on income from livestock. Using household surveys, this study found that income from livestock had little effect on income inequality, but poverty incidence and depth were tied to livestock income in these communities.

The study discusses the potential livelihood and conservation benefits for increased support for livestock production, including how this could reduce conflict levels between conservation agencies and local communities and in a broader sense, improve the relationship between the state and its citizens.

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Livestock income and household welfare for communities adjacent to the Great Fish River Nature Reserve, South Africa
By Tamika Du-Pont, Cebokuhle Vilakazi, Gladman Thondhlana & Pål Vedeld

Published 31. March 2020 - 10:27 - Updated 31. March 2020 - 11:47