Climate impacts on agricultural and natural resource sustainability in Africa

What is it about?

The book discusses knowledge-based sustainable agro-ecological and natural resource management systems and best practices for sustained agricultural productivity and ecosystem resilience for better livelihoods under a changing climate.
With a focus on agriculture in Africa, the book assesses innovative technologies for use on smallholder farms, and addresses some of the key Sustainable Development Goals to guide innovative responses and enhanced adaptation methods for coping with climate change [source: Springer]. 
The book is based on the findings of a five-year research programme coordinated at Noragric/NMBU, Capacity Building for Managing Climate Change in Malawi (CABMACC), the goal of which was to improve livelihoods and food security through innovative responses and enhanced capacity of adaptation to climate change.

Who should read it?

Anyone interested in discovering more about food security, sustainable crop production, climate smart agriculture, energy supply from biogas and the potential of soil carbon sequestration in crop-livestock systems.
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Climate impacts on agricultural and natural resource sustainability in Africa - Edited  by Bal Ram Singh, Andy Safalaoh, Nyambilila A. Amuri, Lars Olav Eik, Bishal K. Sitaula and Rattan Lal 

Published 24. March 2020 - 12:58 - Updated 24. March 2020 - 14:10