Mozambique on the move

Mozambique on the Move - Edited by Sheila Pereira Khan, Maria Paula Meneses and Bjørn Enge Bertelsen.

From the publisher:

"Being a first of its kind, this volume comprises a multi-disciplinary exploration of Mozambique’s contemporary and historical dynamics, bringing together scholars from across the globe. Focusing on the country’s vibrant cultural, political, economic and social world – including the transition from the colonial to the postcolonial era – the book argues that Mozambique is a country still emergent, still unfolding, still on the move.

Drawing on the disciplines of history, literature studies, anthropology, political science, economy and art history, the book serves not only as a generous introduction to Mozambique but also as a case study of a southern African country" [Source: Brill Fellowship].

Includes the following chapter by Noragric Professor, Randi Kaarhus:
Mirrors and Contrasts: Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans in Manica, Mozambique


Published 6. March 2020 - 12:24 - Updated 6. March 2020 - 13:00