Extending the fresh meat season in Norway

Researchers from NMBU and Nofima teamed up with partners from the Norwegian and Australian meat industries to compare the sensory profile of meat from lambs (5 months old) and hoggets (17 months old).

The study concluded that loin meat from lamb and hoggets of the Norwegian Spel breed have similar eating quality, and that hogget meat could thus be produced during the off-season.

In Norway, the Norwegian Spel may be perceived as a native sheep breed that is more acclimatised to grazing mountain pastures, and shows potential as a species for the conservation of the Norwegian rangeland.

Read the article in Small Ruminant Research:
Lamb or hogget meat – A different sensory profile? Extending the fresh meat season in Norway 
- By Muhammad Azher Bhatti, Mari Øvrum Gaarder, Geir Steinheim, David Laurence Hopkins, Reinert Horneland, Lars Olav Eik and Tormod Ådnøy.



Published 6. March 2020 - 11:27 - Updated 6. March 2020 - 11:37