Climate change and uncertainty from ‘above’ and ‘below’

Uncertainty is a key factor shaping climate and environmental policy at international, national and sub-national levels. The articles in this special issue employ diverse perspectives to provide insights and examine the intersections between local understandings of climate change and politics, history, culture, livelihoods and policy across a range of scales, from local to national and regional.

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Unpacking uncertainty and climate change from ‘above’ and ‘below’
Lyla Mehta, Hans Nicolai Adam, Shilpi Svirastava

Climate change and uncertainty from ‘above’ and ‘below’: perspectives from India 
Lyla Mehta, Shilpi Svirastava, Hans Nicolai Adam, Shibaji Bose, Upasona Ghosh, V. Vijay Kumar

Published 31. July 2019 - 13:02 - Updated 31. July 2019 - 13:03