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Cavanagh: Land, Natural Resources and the State in Kenya's Second Republic

Chapter by Connor in the book Africa Now!

Cavanagh: Land, Natural Resources and the State in Kenya's Second Republic

Abstract: Across the African continent, various rural populations are currently embroiled in a wide range of struggles that foreground rights of access, control, and ownership of land and natural resources. Investigating such struggles in the Kenyan context, this chapter examines the provisions of the 2010 constitution that formally seek to elevate collective forms of land and resource tenure to a status legally equivalent to that enjoyed by their public and private counterparts. In doing so, the substance of these provisions is juxtaposed with ongoing challenges to their implementation. Resultant implications of these challenges are examined for the devolution process, the fate of a new tenure category of ‘community land’, and related institutional reforms for access to and ownership of other natural resources. Read more.

The book

Africa Now! Emerging Issues and Alternative perspectives (2018). Adeniran, A. & Ikuteyijo, L. (eds.). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

From the publisher:

This book presents relevant and timely endogenous procedures for addressing the challenge of transforming ideas into sustainable opportunities in Africa. It explores how Africa could be understood in the context of emerging global realities, providing alternative frameworks that will not just be participatory in conception and practice, but equally show a contextual workability for the varying aspects of the developmental enterprise in Africa. Despite having alternative and less cumbersome sources of funding, with commendable economic growth indices, and several economies among the fastest growing globally, African countries have been unable to transmute related opportunities into sustainable human development outcomes for majority of its citizenry. Over four rich sections the authors cover subjects ranging from environment and natural resource management, to governance, economy and sustainable development. The book continues with a section on Education and Human Development and a case study in transnationalism. The final section discusses crime, conflict and regional dynamics, including highly disputed topics such as forced migration and sex trade.This indispensable resource will be of great use to students and researches globally in fields such as sociology, anthropology, environmental studies, politics and economics with a focus on contemporary Africa, as well as to policy planners and human rights activists invested in the future development of Africa.
Published 5. December 2017 - 10:39 - Updated 5. December 2017 - 10:40

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