Lessons and Implications for REDD+: Implementation Experiences from Tanzania

Cheif Editor: Kassim Kulindwa. Published by E&D Vision Publishing.

"This book is a result of research projects...implemented by local NGOs on various themes. As the Chairperson of the National REDD+ Task Force in Tanzania, I followed closely the implementation of these projects and I am elated to see some of the lessons we can learn from the pilot being documented to benefit. As it is now widely understood, REDD is an effort to create a financial value for the carbon stored in forests, offering incentives for developing countries to reduce emissions from forested lands and invest in low-carbon paths to sustainable development. REDD was subsequently developed into REDD+, which goes beyond deforestation and forest degradation, and includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. The publishing of the lessons emerging from the research builds on globally accepted aspects of REDD+ readiness to provide relevant inputs to the global discourse with measures to ensure that findings and outcomes feed into global discussions at international meetings on REDD+." - Julius Ningu in the book's Foreword.

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via Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania


Published 31. October 2017 - 10:42 - Updated 31. October 2017 - 11:22